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In Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland, police have taken to “ticketing” those caught with less than 50 grams of marijuana rather than arresting them, and Western and Southern Australia have instituted on the spot fines for minor possession rather than official warnings or arrests. These are lifelong effects that can manifest themselves long after an individual […]

The Emerging Facts On Products In Liquid Marijuana

It is recommended that you begin with 8-10 drops underneath your tongue or mixed in with a drink and increase as needed. I’ll make it again. posted by Chelsea @ 03:23PM, 1/29/08 I have this drink at the bar all the time… Does it make you feel stoned? It’s even served in the same glass…A […]

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Penalties exist for driving while under the influence of marijuana. The main active chemical in marijuana is THC delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Another cannabinoid chemical called cannabidiol, which doesn’t have mind-altering effects, is also being studied for its possible uses as medicine. Within a few minutes after inhaling marijuana smoke, a person’s heart rate speeds up, the bronchial […]

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Top quality medical marijuana for sale. Denver Medical Cannabis Cup, expo Event enter, April 21-22, 2012 Testing Labs: Herbal Synergy, Denver, and Colorado Mobile Testing, Fort Collins, CO bush Connection2nd Place India Cup You may have noticed that, interestingly enough, many of the strongest strains on this list didn’t actually win Cups, which simply goes […]

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They last for several days and gradually settle as the body overcomes the addiction. If the subject is chronically exposed to THC, then its withdrawal stimulates a stress response system. Chewing cleansing tablets and using chemical mouthwashes to maintain oral hygiene is also another way to mask the presence of drugs in your saliva. The […]

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The use of an automatic wire cutter will mean that one of the most repetitive tasks, and one with the most potential for causing long term injury, will be done by machine rather than by hand. And your time spent trying to fix yourself is better utilized and more effective.  After 30 minutes, the skin […]

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And if marijuana is one day legalized at the federal level, do you really think the giant tobacco companies will forfeit the market to some tiny upstart? Following is a list of marijuana shares & cannabis companies who have made our radar at Marijuana Shares at one time or another. Hemp, Inc. focuses on supplying […]

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High.evel of fragmentation increased the automation of the healthcare system, reduced the ability of healthcare professionals to think and act in critical situations; the approach to healthcare became more standardized compared to individual character of healthcare in the past. Two changes are usually incorporated into a pregnant woman’s lifestyle if she is diagnosed with gestational […]